NCD Testimonies from Church and Denominational Leaders across the UK

Pastor Steve Thomas, leader of Life Church Bollington, and AOG Area Leader, has been engaging with NCD for over 10 years. Steve says NCD

  • Empowers the congregation
  • Gets leadership buy-in
  • Brings brilliant team energy

Rev Andrew Corke, former Vicar of All Saints, Swanage, has been engaging with NCD for over 10 years. Andrew says NCD

  • Measures the health of your church
  • Takes the church forward
  • Mentors you through the process

Pastor Ioannis Dekas, Senior Leader of Doxa Deo Church London, has been engaging with NCD for over 12 years. Ioannis says NCD

  • Measures quality as well as quantity
  • Helps you grow strategically
  • Enables you to grow stronger

Majors Rob & Julia Jepson are co-leaders of William Booth Memorial Halls, Nottingham. Robert is also an NCD coach. They have engaged with NCD for over 10 years and say NCD

  • Celebrates your strengths
  • Helps you to discover the small things that have the biggest impact

Rev Steve Hood is an Associate Vicar for St Peter’s Church, Wellesbourne and NCD Mentor for Coventry Diocese. Having engaged with NCD for over 7 years, Steve says NCD

  • Helps the church gain direction
  • Provides freedom to obtain honest feedback

Rev Mark Bratton, Rector of St John The Baptist Berkswell and Area Dean, has engaged with NCD for over 7 years. Mark says NCD

  • Is transformative
  • Releases others in ministry

Pastor Wayne Erasmus is Director of Church Growth and Mission for the South of England, Seventh Day Adventist Movement. Having engaged with NCD for over 7 years, Wayne says NCD

  • Helps you navigate to a healthier being, ministry and mission

Rev Alison Evans, Vicar of Holy Trinity Attleborough and Area Dean, has engaged with NCD for over 6 years. Alison says NCD

  • Provides a snap shot of where the church is
  • Gives everyone a stake in where we go from here
  • Helps develop a great team

Major Elwyn Harries, Assistant Secretary for Mission for the Salvation Army UK Territory, has engaged with NCD for over 20 years. Elwyn says NCD

  • Promotes personal development as well as church development
  • Is based in God’s principles

Pastor Robin Lewis, leader of Colchester, Ipswich and Clacton Adventist Churches, has engaged with NCD for over 7 years. Robin says NCD

  • Brings balance to church life
  • Strengthens essential weaknesses bringing increase in every area
  • Helps deepen relationships with Jesus

Major Iain Stewart, NCD Coach for South East Division and leader of Horsham Salvation Army.

Iain loves NCD priorities:-

  • Investing in the health of every individual believer¬†
  • Grounded in scripture.
  • God’s principles for health and growth.¬†
  • Making a radical difference to how we relate to God, to each other and those we want to reach.


NCD International Announces Leadership Transition

Lynn Chetcutti Retires, Bill Bickle Steps in as New National Partner for UK and Ireland

NCD International wishes to advise that Lynn Chetcutti has retired from her position as the National Partner for the UK and Ireland. Lynn has been a stellar advocate for growing churches naturally and many of us across the UK, and at NCD International, are in her debt. A pastor at heart, she blessed many pastors and churches with her counsel, and especially during the pandemic. We wish her and John all the best in this next phase of their journey together.

Bill Bickle

We also wish to advise that Bill Bickle, our National Partner in Canada, is taking Lynn’s role. Bill has worked with Lynn from time to time in both countries, so we envision a smooth hand-off and transition. Much of the role can be carried out by tele-conference, and Bill plans to be on the ground in the UK and Ireland several times a year. Bill has been our partner in Canada since 2008 and brings that experience and wisdom to his expanded role. Please welcome Bill and be in touch with him by email at or by phone at +1 416 804 6158.

There may be some issues while we amend the website and processes behind the scenes. If you experience any difficulties connecting with NCD, please be in touch with Bill.

Christian Schwarz & Adam Johnstone, NCD International