NCD UK have a team of coaches trained and equipped to assist you to capitalise on your strengths, and the resources available to you, identifying the opportunities before you, and assisting you to develop according to your God given vision and potential.

These professionals will provide coaching support for :-

  • Investment in Church Health and Culture
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Growth in Gifting and Ministry Application
  • Development of Community – Personal and Corporate
  • Investment in Spirituality

Working from the various NCD survey guides, coaching will enable you to fully understand the results from any given assessment. It will further help to identify areas where you desire to see growth, capitalise on these areas, and steward well the resources available to you.

Training can also be booked to equip coaches to deliver the same within their own church, area, denomination, etc.

Once you church survey has been completed, this coaching can be provided by Zoom, telephone, or face to face for individuals, or leadership teams.

In all cases the aim of the coaching will be to assist the local personnel to understand and appreciate the growth opportunities before them; to analyse and explore how they best want to approach these and invest in the health and culture of the church; identify who to actively recruit into this change process; how best to include them; to understand who and what else will be affected by this change, and consider how best to manage this.

Coaching is changed at £49 for a 50 minute consultation. On site coaching is available, but will incur travelling expenses.


NCD UK now part
of NCD UK & Canada

Bill Bickle

Bill Bickle is NCD’s National Partner responsible for both countries since June 2023 after Lynn Chetcuti’s retirement. You can go directly to the NCD UK & Canada site at, Bill’s website for all things NCD. You’ll find what you need to get going in the 8 Quality Characteristics, the Trinitarian Compass, the Energy Trilogy, the NCD Church Survey, the NCD Change Cycle and the books & resources in the 3 Color Discipleship Series now known as Natural Character Development.

If you experience any issues with the new arrangements or processes, please be in touch directly with Bill at or