NCD Publish a comprehensive range of discipleship tools covering the NCD Paradigm and various of the eight quality characteristics. The core publications cost £19.99 each inc postage and packaging. A complete set of all six core NCD titles is £99 inc postage and packaging.

All books can be ordered from the web site using paypal or by emailing stating the titles and quantities you require.

God Is Indestructible

New research from churches in eighty-six countries around the world reveals that, throughout the last few years, there have been dramatic shifts in Christianity. In this book, Christian A. Schwarz not only presents these findings for the first time, but also pleads for twelve practical reforms that could unshackle the relevancy of the Christian faith, restoring it as a fascinating, transformative pursuit for people in our time.


It is the surprising thesis of this book that most keys to the relevance of Christianity are to be found in biblical insights that many non-Christians are longing for, while wide parts of Christianity have not yet discovered them.
The book is a call for change. It shows how the shifts in this epoch of history have the power to anchor and expand our spirituality and service to others.


Your three main benefits:
1. Understand the background of the relevance crisis of Christianity
2. Learn 12 practical responses that will dramatically increase the relevance of your church
3. Apply new ways of interaction between Christians and non-Christians

£19.99 INC P&P

God's Energy - Volume 1

How could it be that the New Testament teaching on God’s energy has remained all but invisible to vast parts of Christianity? What new spiritual and theological possibilities emerge when people embrace this dimension and allow it to shape their daily lives? In this first volume of his Energy Trilogy, Christian A. Schwarz unpacks the New Testament concept of energy, explains its explosive implications for today, and explores factors that made Western Christianity first ignore and then suppress it.


Your three main benefits:

1. Discover the New Testament concept on God’s energy
2. Understand the rejection mechanisms in the West
3. Explore the implications of God’s energy for various topics of theology, spirituality, and church development


£32.99 INC P&P

God's Energy - Volume 2

The teaching on God’s energy, as portrayed in the New Testament, has far-reaching consequences for both our view of God and our relationship to God. Can we encounter God as a person, while at the same time being permeated by God’s transpersonal (more than a person) dimension? In the second volume of his Energy Trilogy, Christian A. Schwarz explores how the biblical energy paradigm considerably enhances both Christian theology and spirituality, and enables surprising new ways of experiencing the transcendence of God in the midst of our daily lives.


Your three main benefits:

1. Expand your image of God
2. View the supernatural from a new perspective
3. Explore new ways of relating faith and science to one another

£32.99 INC P&P

All By Itself Pathway

Every believer can put into practice everything that is essential for growing a healthy church—immediately and without needing anyone else’s permission.


How can your church grow in quality and quantity regardless of unfavorable trends in society?

How can you have the greatest impact on your church regardless of your level of responsibility?

How can you maximize your fruitfulness in all areas of life regardless of your present starting point?


The All By Itself Pathway invites you into a 90-minute encounter with Christian A. Schwarz, the founder and head of the Institute for Natural Church Development (NCD). Christian will reduce the discoveries of two decades of research in tens of thousands of churches to a handful of personal action steps.While countless churches have implemented individual aspects of Natural Church Development, the majority have yet to discover the strategic key that Christian calls the All By Itself Pathway—consistently living in line with the unique gifts, energies, and resources that God has already granted you and your church.

£8.50 INC P&P

Pack of 10 books – for your leadership team. £49 INC P&P

Pack of 25 books – for your leadership team. £97.50 INC P&P

Natural Church Development Handbook

A book that rewrote the rules of church development once and for all. When the first edition was published in 1996, it didn’t only spark an intense international discussion, but also initiated processes of change in countless churches around the globe. Meanwhile, the fruit can be studied in more than 100,000 churches worldwide. The book has been published in 36 language versions. The 2006 edition is a revised and updated publication, giving credit to the new discoveries throughout the first 10 years of NCD.


Your 3 main benefits:
1. Learn from the most comprehensive church growth research ever done
2. Develop the ability to separate fact from fiction
3. Apply the principles of healthy churches to your own situation

£22 INC P&P

Complete set of 3 Color NCD books

All 6 Core NCD Titles : Color Your World with Natural Church Development: The 3 Colors of Leadership: The 3 Colors of Community: The 3 Colors of Love: The 3 Colors of Ministry; The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality.

These books can be purchased individually and are listed below at £19.99 per copy.


£99 INC P&P

Color Your World With Natural Church Development

Color Your World provides a comprehensive introduction to the foundations, principles and tools of Natural Church Development and is especially enticing for lay leaders and other volunteers in the church. Each principle is illustrated by inspiring and thought provoking experiences from churches around the world. The book includes a test that helps each reader identify their personal Color Profile.

Your 3 main benefits:

  1. Learn everything you need to know about church development.
  2. Relate the NCD principles to the lives of individual believers.
  3. Initiate sustainable processes of change.

£19.99 INC P&P

3 Colors of Leadership

The 3 Colors of Leadership presents an exciting new way of looking at leadership. Whether you are an established leader in a high-profile position or an emerging leader who is still unsure whether God wants you to take over more leadership responsibility, the training described in this book will empower you in such a way that you will be able to empower others.


Based on world-wide research among tens of thousands of leaders, the 3 Colors of Leadership portrays six fundamental principles that anyone can learn. A state-of-the-art online test (which every book owner can take for free) will help you develop your personalised training plan.

£19.99 INC P&P

3 Colors of Your Spirituality

The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality portrays nine spiritual styles and helps every believer identify which one is the most natural way for them to connect with God: the sensory, rational, doctrinal, scripture-driven, sharing, ascetic, mystical, enthusiastic, or sacramental style.

Based on this fundamental discovery, the book outlines a growth path resulting in passion, balance, and maturity.

£19.99 INC P&P

3 Colors of Love

The 3 Colors of Love focuses on the three fundamental dimensions of God’s love that every believer can reflect in his or her life: justice, truth and grace. Depending on your starting point, your personal growth path may be very different to someone else’s.


The 3 Colors of Love offers practical tools to help you identify your starting point and experience the revolutionary power of God’s unconventional love in your life.

£19.99 INC P&P

A six part video training course is also available covering the material of this publication. For more information see the training page or click on the wheel below.

3 Colors of Ministry

The 3 Colors of Ministry presents a holistic approach to identifying and developing your spiritual gifts. It is based on the three dimensions of God’s nature, for which the author has chosen the colors green, red and blue.


In addition to emphasising the critical importance of using your gifts in an authentically trinitarian way, this book shows you where you most need to focus your energies in order to bring this kind of balance to your Christian service. The natural result will be increased effectiveness and connectivity with God.

£19.99 INC P&P

3 Colors of Community

The 3 Colors of Community presents an altogether new way of approaching small groups. Rather than being preoccupied with the technical aspects of small group ministry, the book focuses on the qualities that are fundamental for any sort of Christian community, be it a family, a prayer meeting, a Bible study group, a task force, or a choir.


Based on comprehensive research,The 3 Colors of Community portrays seven qualities that all healthy communities have in common. Applying these principles not only generates enthusiastic responses from the participants, but also sustainable effects in their lives.

£19.99 INC P&P


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