Implementing Natural Church Development (iNCD), led by John and Lynn Chetcuti, is about seeing released, the potential that God has invested in our lives. NCD’s church survey is based on research covering more than 65,500 churches, from all denominations, large and small, established and new plants, across all six continents. It identifies universal principles affecting church growth, regardless of culture or spiritual style.

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iNCD takes the next step in the church development process. Imagine you have taken your NCD survey and identified which key factors are most limiting the health and growth of your church. Ask yourself, “where do I go from here?”

Armed with the knowledge brought by the survey, you will be able to move your church forward towards healthy growth.  If you feel you would value some extra support, iNCD provides you with training and coaching customised for your needs. We are here to equip you with the tools you need to invest in your church’s health, community well being and growth potential.

NCD’s consultants and coaches are focused on helping you develop the quality of your church; precisely what God intends for His leaders. As a result of increased quality, God always builds His church and so we consequently see numerical growth, that appears to happen – “all by itself.” This emphasis on church health has proved to be the key to ongoing growth and multiplication.

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Meet John and Lynn.

Rev. Lynn Chetcuti
National Partner for NCD in the UK and Ireland

???????????????????????????????Saved and raised in the Anglican Church,  a Vineyard Pastor for fifteen years, Lynn served as Associate Pastor of Network Vineyard Church, Reading and completed that term with three years planting and establishing the Vineyard congregation in Bracknell. She is passionate about seeing both individuals and entire congregations identify their gifting, calling, and fully engaging in society to bring Kingdom transformation.

Fuelled by her Anglican roots, she delights in working along side leaders from the historic denominations, in addition to younger movements and leadership groups, appreciating the diversity seen across the Body of Christ.

Lynn serves on the leadership team of Reading Christian Network (RCN), where she is committed to see the whole church thrive, investing in Christian leaders with influence across all areas of the community, including church, the market place and social action.

Through NCD, at a national level, her desire is to make church health and personal discipleship growth accessible to every Christian leader and congregation. To facilitate this, she is developing training and coaching resources and investing in local church through to denominational leadership.

John Chetcuti

National Partner for NCD in the UK and Ireland


John had a full career in retail covering every aspect of business development, customer care, staff training,  and product selection prior to embarking on his current role developing and supporting the ministry of NCD across the UK. He is a pastor at heart and works to make all Natural Church Development resources as accessible as possible to every individual interested in their own personal growth and investment in the work of the Kingdom through local church.

John and Lynn have been married for thirty years and have two grown up children, Graeme and Dani. Having completed all employed responsibilities they continue to worship as members of Network Vineyard Reading.