Loving Relationships

By this all men will know that you are my disciples,
if you love one another.
                                                                   John 13:35 

Justice truth and grace

Love is one of the most central themes, of Christian Theology. Everyone knows about it, needs it, and wants it and yet tragically, Hollywood probably has a greater influence on our understanding of love than the bible.

As we look at God we see love manifest in three very significant ways; through justice we see His compassion at work, through truth, His trustworthiness, and in grace we experience acceptance. No single attribute reflecting God in His entirety and yet when all three are drawn together we find the heart of the Father and therefore what real love is.

1 Cor 13 and fruit


This one day training course will help each individual to explore the extent to which these strengths are manifest in their lives and ministries, and provide empowerment to fight the darkness of mercilessness; letting the light of kindness and gentleness shine. It will deal with injustice, focusing on patience, goodness, and peace and help to overcome deception, by developing faithfulness, self-control and joy as we look to grow individually and corporately in the fruit of the Spirit.



3C Love

We will also work to see the elements of 1 Corinthians 13 released increasingly in the daily experience of each class participant.

Investing in our ability to love each other is critical to discipleship, (by this all men will know), and if your churches minimum factor is currently Loving Relationships, this focus will provide you with the greatest return for your effort, as you grow in your health and effectiveness as Kingdom people.


Full Day. Including personal and ministry application £400 *

Half Day. Including personal application £300 *

Seminar. Covering Justice, Truth and Grace £200 *

For NCD Churches email info@ncd-uk.com for special training rates.

* travel costs may be incurred


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