Church Culture That Produces Growth

An Introduction to Natural Church Development
Church growth that happens – “all by itself”

Jesus said “I will build my church”- so what exactly is our job?

bible-02A man scatters seed…. and all by itself the soil produces growth (Mark 4:26-28). Our responsibility, like gardeners, is to identify opportunities and address issues that inhibit growth; providing water, light, space and nourishment in the right proportions.

Growing churches demonstrate essential qualities that are measurably healthier than those that have plateaued or are in decline.

8QCsWe must capitalise on strengths and current growth opportunities, prioritising our investment as we look to see increasing health and growth.  

There are three essential modules forming this training.

CYWThe first will help your team to consider these eight questions and many more, as it unpacks the eight quality characteristics evident in all healthy growing churches.

The second will explore six growth forces present and accessible to every leader/disciple as they look to manage change in their own lives, ministries and indeed local community, stewarding every resource available to them.

And the third will examine the holistic relationship between each individual and God Himself, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Trinitarian Compass) and help each to examine their part in investing in their own personal discipleship as they desire to know God more intimately, drawing closer to Him.

Growth Forces

Module 1 – Quality Characteristics for growth
Module 2 – 6 Growth Forces
Module 3 – Trinitarian Compass

Full Day. All Three Modules  £400 *

Half Day. Any Two Modules £300 *

Seminar Any single Module £200 *

For NCD Churches email for special training rates.

* travel costs may be incurred

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