Empowering Leadership

HenrikWe face a global leadership crisis. We simply do not have enough leaders; neither leaders sufficiently empowered, nor able to focus exclusively on the most important priorities. We have choice, we can sit back and hope for the best or we can invest in raising the most effective leaders any generation has ever seen.

NCD provides resources to assist in this process including a Leadership assessment tool that explores, not what we say, but actually what people hear; not what we give to others, but in fact what they receive from us.


Are you simply a powerful leader, or do you also empower and release others into their ministry? Do those you invest in, multiply all that you give them, or do they just absorb your input?

Do you know where your leadership strengths lie and where you are weaker? This training course will explore these factors helping you to both cast vision, and see vision released in those you lead; to capitalise on every learning opportunity both experimenting freely in a supportive environment where mistakes are permitted, and yet, learning from every situation.

We will consider capitalising on our strengths, and also situations where addressing our weaknesses must be the priority, and differentiating between the two.

We will look at developing strategy for the long haul and indeed for the immediate future constantly analysing the present situation and setting motivating goals.


As we grow and as we take others with us, teaching and training are critical, both in terms of what is shared verbally and that seen evidently displayed in our lives. As we progress, we must both advocate bold moves and make steady ground towards the goal.

3C Leadership



This is a very practical topic and the more time given to it, the more we will be able to focus on individual’s life mission; their task and dreams; their investment in themselves and all that they give to others. We will explore the theory; apply this to the individual’s situation; and coach, in a host of different scenarios.

Each attendee is encouraged to take the NCD Empowerment Test in advance of the training day which can be done on www.3colorworld.org, or imediately afterwards to enable maximum growth and development.

Full Day. Including coaching and ministry application £400 *

Half Day. Including ministry application £300 *

Single module £200 *

For NCD Churches email info@ncd-uk.com for special training rates.

* travel costs may be incurred

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