NOW! – Live a life that makes a difference

NOW! Is a leadership development process which is about Transforming Energy, and Advancing Multiplication.

Who is now for?

If you want to live a life that makes a difference – NOW is for YOU!


We face a global leadership crisis which must be addressed. While many recognise the urgent need to empower leaders who are able to empower others, very few proactively invest in a process that will make that happen.

Christian Schwarz, the founder and leader of NCD International for nearly two decades, concludes from worldwide research, that the Church requires more than just growth principles and the suite of tools to help churches, leaders, groups and individuals achieve this. They need the capacity for change.


Growth Forces

What isĀ NOW?

NOW! is a eight-week catalytic process to multiply leaders and expand ministry impact. It will teach, model and apply the growth-principles of energy transformation and multiplication, addressing the urgent need for leadership development, discipleship, and increased Christlikeness.


Why do something like NOW! now?

Tragically, numerous Christians and indeed many churches live way below their God given potential. NCD provides tools and resources to guide churches to unprecedented levels of fruitfulness, energising leaders to stick with these growth principles and processes.