Church Health And Culture


NCD CycleTelephoneOnce you church survey has been completed, this coaching can be provided by telephone, for individual leaders, or by Skype or face to face for leadership teams. In all cases the aim of the coaching will be to assist the local personnel to understand and appreciate the growth opportunities before them; to analyse and explore how they best want to approach these and invest in the health and culture of the church; who to actively recruit into this change process; how best to include them; to understand who and what else will be affected by this change, and consider how best to manage this.



Coaching calls for individual leaders generally take 45 minutes per session however where a team is involved double sessions are generally encouraged.

Leaders and church teams are encouraged to take a quarterly coaching appointment, to enable them to capitalise to the maximum, on all growth opportunities, and to assist them identify and deal with sources of blockage, with the minimum of delay.

Face to face coaching and training can be arranged for churches and their teams.



To request more information, book training or coaching services then please use the form below or contact us 0118 328 2448 or 07970 039 031.