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Without evangelism, no church growth is even imaginable. This obvious statement does not need world-wide research for us to recognise its truth! How else should a church grow, if not when the good news gets passed on so that more and more people join the church of Jesus Christ? Bob Pierson is Founder and Executive Director of Leadership Nexus Foundation. As Senior Pastor, he and his wife, Delia, served Chris United Methodist Church in Tulsa,OK for 37 years, growing it from an attendance of 200 to over 1600. Bob was also chairperson of Mission Evangelism for the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church.

This event will be held at All Saint’s Church, Market Place, Evesham, WR11 4RW
At 7pm-9pm
On Monday 7th April

This event is Free please contact Sarah Hewitt for more information on 07456549969.

event4This event is an opportunity to explore how your church can raise up leaders empowered to do what they are there to do!

In the eyes of the world, leadership often mean an all-powerful, all-round talented leader with a big vision. It is usually one person, but could be more, who requires honorary co-workers to help them so that their vision can become a practical reality,. Marcus Honeysett is the director of Living Leadership which provides training, discipline and pastoral support for leaders. He is the author of four books including Fruitful Leaders – How to Make, Grow, Love and Keep Them (a great lent read for any church!) and Gospel-Centred Preaching.

This is at All Saints’ Church, Market Place, Evesham, WR11 4RW
At 7pm till 9pm
On Monday 31st March

event3Jonny Baker is using this opportunity to explore principles behind experiencing and inspiring worship time and some different models that we may use.

Sunday services! There is hardly any area in which the most important differentiation between principles and models is so deliberately ignored. Frequently, innumerable Christians feel they must adopt certain models used by the other churches for their services, feeling that this constitutes a growth principle. Jonny Baker works for the Church Mission Society and has done for the last 10 years believing that cross-cultural mission is a gold mine for ministry in our own context now. The main focus of his work in the last few years has been setting up and leading the innovative Pioneer Mission Leadership Training.

This event will be held at All Saints’ Church, Market Place, Evesham. WR11 4RW
At 7pm till 9pm
On Monday 24th March

event2In this meeting Jeff Lucas will explore what Passionate Spirituality is and how this can be allowed to increase the health of a church.

When this essential quality is present the secondary methods which help a church grow can be studied. In a church, where faith is lived out with PASSION, any method functions well, while the reverse is also true; in a church there is a shortage of this commodity, the best methods in the world would fail, Jeff Lucas is an international author, speaker and broadcaster. He brings humour into his messages and his passion is to equip the Church. Jeff holds a pastoral teaching position at Timberline Church in Colorado, a church that has grown to 9,000 in the last 15 years.

This will be held at All Saint’s Church, Market Place, Evensham, WR11 4RW
At 7pm till 9pm
On Monday 17th March

event1At this event, Lynn will be talking about how Holistic Small Groups can be structured to increase church health and meet the needs of the many.

Growing Churches have discovered a system of small groups in which individual Christians can find human companionship, support and practical help and can also deepen their spiritual life, growing to spiritual maturity. Lynn Chetcuti is the Vice Chairman of Natural Church Development (NCD) UK. As a Vineyard Pastor for fourteen years, Lynn is passionate about seeing both individuals and entire congregations identify their gifting, calling, and fully engaging in society to bring Kingdom transformation.

This event will be held at All Saints’ Church, Market Place, Evesham, WR11 4RW.
On Monday 10th March
At 7pm till 9pm

Evesham Lent Series FlyerEvesham Parish is taking this opportunity to help their members full embrace the  NCD paradigm investing in the health and development of each individual and therefore every church.

These Monday evening events are free and if you want to attend please contact Sarah Hewitt on 07456549969.