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Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 16.37.52Small bursaries of £50 per church are available to assist smaller churches to engage with the NCD process, to embark on their second or subsequent cycle, and indeed for additional coaching. For further information email info@ncd-uk.com

pathwayEverything that is essential for growing a healthy church – immediately and without needing anyone else’s permission.

Every believer can put into practice everything that is essential for growing a healthy church – immediately and without needing anyone else’s permission.This incredibly simply, and empowering booklet is having a tremendous impact, enabling, not only church leaders, but also every member of any church to exercise their own God given influence to see their church grow in quality and quantity regardless of unfavourable trends in society? To see how they, individually, can you have the greatest positive impact on their church regardless of their level of responsibility? And to maximise their fruitfulness in all areas of life regardless of their present starting point?This is coming through in many different languages, and indeed is being published for individual denominations. The Anglican and Salvation Army versions are already available.To order your copy, click on the book image, or see the book tab above.

Energy plus QC equals fruifulness

NOW! is a leadership development process which is about Transforming Energy, and Advancing Multiplication is an eight-week catalytic process to multiply leaders and expand ministry impact. It will teach, model and apply the growth-principles of energy transformation and multiplication, addressing the urgent need for leadership development, discipleship, and increased Christlikeness.

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For more information see NOW! on the Coaching tab. To secure your place apply today by emailing



To order the Now publication see the Books tab, or click on the book image.